21 Creative Ways to Become Your Own Boss

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What careers let you be your own boss?

1. Freelance writer

No matter what your niche, writing is very adaptable to freelance life. You could write for different organizations and publications as a blogger, copywriter or EssayWriter, or you can start your own blog and earn money from sponsored content and advertisements.

2. Publicist

While many agencies and companies employ publicists to represent them, you can also work independently, gaining exposure and coverage for clients ranging from high-profile individuals to brands.

3. Real estate agent

Many real estate brokers are contractors, showing and selling properties on behalf of their clients. If you have the requisite experience as an agent and pass the exam, you can also become a real estate broker and own your own firm, especially if you’re confident enough that you’re an expert with real estate marketing strategies.

4. Videographer

If you have a background in filmmaking and the right blend of creativity, video editing skills and technical know-how, videography could be the career for you. There are plenty of niches, from weddings to news coverage, in which you can specialize.

5. Bookkeeper

Most businesses need the help of a bookkeeper to keep track of their expenses, so this career is in high demand. Plus, for the most part, you’ll be able to work remotely, performing your responsibilities from wherever you choose.

6. Web developer

Web development can be a profitable career for those who have strong technology skills, including knowledge of programming languages. According to U.S. News and World Report, the top 25% of web developers earn close to $100,000 per year. This is also a fast-growing career that’s in high demand. In addition to traditional website development, you could also work for a mobile app development company.

7. Personal financial advisor

Help clients manage their investments as a personal financial advisor. While some of these professionals work for banks and other financial institutions, many work for clients independently. This career also has a strong earning potential.

8. Music teacher

For some musicians, it can be difficult to make money performing alone. However, teaching your craft to others — whether you play an instrument or sing — is can be a great way to share your passion with others while working for yourself.

9. Tutor

Are you knowledgeable about a particular subject, such as writing or math? Tutoring could be the perfect business for you. You don’t have to limit yourself to working with kids, either. Plenty of adults are looking to learn business, computer, foreign language, technical and other important skills. You can easily learn how to scale an online coaching business to expand with online tutoring for across all different ages. Finally, you can even create and sell your own online courses to maximize your reach and impact. There are many top platforms, like this Teachable alternative, that can help you do this.

10. Personal trainer

Depending on the niche, you might need certain training and certifications to become a personal trainer. But once you attain them, you have high-earning potential as a personal trainer or fitness instructor. There are plenty of specialties depending on your area of expertise and interests, such as yoga or weight training.

11. Speaker

If you’re an expert in your field or have a compelling story to share, you may find that there’s potential in a career as a professional speaker. You’ll need to be comfortable speaking in front of large groups, of course, but if you’re are and you’re good at it, you could become a high-profile figure in this world.

12. Event planner

As an event planner, you’re tasked with coordinating events such as weddings from start to finish. You must be well-organized, creative and able to network in order to be successful because you’ll handle everything from finding the right location to hiring caterers.

13. Social media marketer

Every business needs to have a strong social media presence these days, so if you’re skilled at marketing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can build a thriving business in this world. You can even start utilizing a freelance marketplace to find clients and team members.

14. Landlord

Here’s one profession that’s stood the test of time. It does take management skills and business savvy, but once you’re established, you can make a lot of money as a landlord and property owner. And with the right property management software, it’s especially easy to get new business off the ground.

15. Therapist

Some therapists work for established organizations, hospitals or clinics, but many, including some social workers and psychologists, go into private practice and act as their own boss. Either way, you can choose a specialty, such as working with children or offering couples counseling or offer therapy to a range of patients.

Growth and Scale to Live without a Job Long-Term

Once you start generating capital from your new venture, you can reinvest back into the business, allowing you to buy and sell more, outsource work, and increase your advertising and marketing spend.

Becoming Your Own Boss as a Freelancer

Usually you need to start small to gain a reputation online or in your local area, which will then develop into multiple projects and eventually into your own agency or company.

Becoming Your Own Boss Through E-Commerce

With platforms such as eBay and Etsy available to anyone looking to start a small business, it’s easier than ever to start selling online and reach a global audience. You can set up your own eBay stores, or create an e-commerce website, and begin selling your products in a surprisingly short period of time.

Becoming Your Own Boss Through Real Estate

Perhaps the simplest model to understand is acquiring a portfolio of rental properties that bring in enough cash flow every month to pay for your lifestyle. One investor, Austin Miller, was even able to build his 800.2 million portfolio for free!

turnkey real estate investing

Becoming Your Own Boss Through Online Business

An ever-popular business model is that of starting an online business. One way to go about it is with an affiliate marketing model, as Sa El did with his website, which talks about different insurance products.

Nick’s Notes: I’m incredibly grateful to have been my own boss for more than a decade. I’ve dabbled in just about every business model mentioned in this post. Here are some of the ways I generate income today.



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