Academic Translation Services

Schooling has gone global, just like most every other public and private sector. Students today look to widen their horizons, not just as part of the traditional foreign exchange programs, but more as global citizens who want to experience life and education in another country.

When a student makes the decision to strike out individually to attend a university in a foreign country, there will be a need forhigh school diploma translation. This is not a trivial matter. Colleges and universities demand official transcripts, often in their language, and getting such translations right can mean the difference between admission or rejection. It can also mean the difference between requirements to take pre-admissions coursework or not.

Why Diploma Translation Services are Complex

Here’s the thing about academic transcripts. We all know that they have to be certified, even when they are translated. Anyone looking for such translations must find individuals or agencies that provide those certifications/notarizations.

But beyond just those “official” seals on transcripts, there is the issue of translating the actual coursework that has been completed. And herein lies the complexity of transcript translation.

It is not enough just to have a diploma translated. That is a simple task. But all institutions will require official transcripts listing all of the courses that were successfully completed, to go with that diploma. And how those courses are translated can be critical.

Consider this one example. Suppose you were a great science student – so great that you completed not just the basic required science courses but, as well, a number of honors or advanced placement science courses. An amateur translator may simply translate the course titles without adding the additional specifics of the academic levels they portray. Thus, a foreign institution receiving that transcript will not understand the caliber of student they are considering for admission into a science program of studies. This could impact admission altogether.

Other Academic Translation Services

Diplomas and transcripts are not the only types of academic translation that are required. Students with graduate degrees may want to do post-graduate studies in a foreign country because of the premier program it offers.

These students have conducted original research and have produced theses, dissertations, or other research projects that relate directly to a program of study they wish to enter. These papers and projects will need to be translated into the language of the institution, so that admissions committees can review them and make decisions about program admission.

Again, translations must be fully accurate – after all, there is data about research designs, methodologies, results, and statistical analyses that are critical to the significance of such research. Without a perfect translation, the decision-makers will be confused or, worse, consider the research insignificant or just plain bad.

The Bottom Line

Anyone who needs academic translation needs to researchprofessional translation services to find one that has a strong history of translating all types of academic documents – diplomas, transcripts, research projects and articles, etc. And of course, you will need to find a service which has that successful history in the target language of your documents and other pieces.

Be certain that any academic translation service you choose is willing to provide samples and references. And be certain that you will have direct communication with your translator, to ensure that everything is translated exactly as it should be. You have a right to expect these things, and a truly professional service will provide them.