Constituents of a Good Psychology Essay

It is a default human character that we all like to question how things work. The curiosity to get knowledge of the workings of things isn’t specific and one-sided. Humans, through psychology, have tried to cure this thirst in attempting to study their mind and behavior.
Like any other research process, the findings in psychology research have to be documented. The results can be presented in the form of an essay. When writing the essay, some constituents make up a good psychology essay. If you wish to submit your findings in a more logical, acceptable way, consider the following constituents:
A Global Structure
When writing your essay, adopt a global structure that allows your ideas and thoughts to be presented chronologically and logically. Each paragraph should follow sensibly from its predecessor. The link between the introduction, main body, and the conclusion should be visible and easily identifiable. You should ensure that every paragraph in your essay comprises the central theme. The main theme is illustrated and developed through several sentences that offer evidence.
Knowledge and Understanding
When writing, you should remember that an essay is a discussion on paper. The rule that governs most discussions is that only the important things are said. Therefore, don’t make a mistake of writing everything you know about a particular topic. You should expose your mastery of the subject by having a concise and articulate argument. A paragraph should not contain any unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences.
Each paragraph should have a purpose, which you need to support by evidence using sentences. You should make it clear why a point is important to the argument. To demonstrate your understanding, avoid using quotations and support your ideas using appropriate original content. When discussing a theory or research study, make sure you cite the source of information.
Critical Evaluation
When writing a psychology essay paper, the main aim is to provide evidence supporting the thesis. Critical evaluation means outlining the strengths and limitations of a research study. There are different ways in which you can critically evaluate your research study:
1. Methodological evaluation research – this is evaluating the reliability of the study by exploring the limitations and strengths of the methods used. Be careful to ensure that all criticisms are justified.
2. Compare or contrast different theories – here. You evaluate by outlining how theories are similar or how they differ. It could be done to two or more theories.
3. Ethical issues – another way to evaluate your essay is by determining the ethical issues it presents. Does it have ethical issues such as deception and privacy?
4. Gender bias – your essay should be evaluated for gender bias. If your essay is biased towards a particular gender, having a more unobstructed view on specific issues concerning the gender would pose as a problem.
5. Cultural bias – evaluating an essay on the cultural bias in determining whether the essay is ethnocentric. Your article has to decide whether or not it judges other cultures.
Quality of Written Communication
A general constituent of writing a psychology essay is that it is written clearly. Anyone reading your essay does so to understand the behavior and the working of the brain; it would be unfair to make the process difficult because an essay is poorly done. Appropriate grammar, spelling, and use of paragraphs should be used. All sources should be referenced accurately.
With these in mind, you have the foundation to ace you psychology paper.

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