Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

It is a well known in Blogging that “Content is King” and it surely is a king. Don’t try to copy content because ultimately you will be banned from search engines and no one likes to read copied content.

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16 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

I’ve heard blogging referred to a couple of times recently as a mixture between an art and a science. If this is true (and I think it is), there’s no ‘right way’ to approach blogging if you want to be successful. There are plenty of people who’ve done a great job of it though, and I thought it would be useful to learn from them.

This can be a great way to gather ideas of what topics people would most like to read about, which will help your blog grow! One of the best ways I’ve seen this in action is through blog comments or Tweets. In one example, here on FastCompany a lot of people requested a post that features more women entrepreneurs:

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A great technique for doing this is to simply ask your readers first on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn with an engaging quote. If people respond well to it, than this is probably a great topic to write about. An example for this comes from Andrew Chen who famously “tests” his blogpost ideas on Twitter first.

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Yes, since I’ve been writing for myself, I’ve found that I write more and I publish more often. I think though that the main reason for that is that I don’t decide whether to publishing something based on the traction / reception that the post will receive within my audience; instead if I want to publish something, I do so. For myself.

Start building your email list from day one. Even if you don’t plan on selling anything, having an email list allows you to promote your new content to your audience directly without worrying about search rankings, Facebook EdgeRank, or other online roadblocks in communications.

When you’re asking readers to sign up for your email list, you might want to try experimenting with different language. Willy Franzen found that his subscription rate jumped 254% higher when he changed his call-to-action from “subscribe by email” to “get jobs by email”:

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Love the readers you already have. A lot of bloggers get quite obsessed with finding new readers – to the point that they ignore the ones they already have. Yes – do try to find new readers but spend time each day showing your current readers that you value them too and you’ll find that they will help you grow your blog.

A blog is really two things. One, simply a piece of technology, a platform. But, two, it is a promise in the minds of most readers, who expect that the blog should have actual content with some elements of value that is hyper-targeted to their needs. Much like with a newspaper. Readers don’t just look at a newspaper as newsprint that is delivered on their driveway every morning. They look at it as valuable information about their city, where they live, and the things that they do.

I screwed up for years. I’d blog and blog. Some of my posts were doing very well on places like Hacker News, but I had such hard time getting return visitors. And very few people bothered to follow me on Twitter.

Finish your blog post with some kind of call to action to signup for an email list or follow you on Twitter. When I started doing this, I immediately increased my Twitter followers by 335% in the first 7 days.

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33 Brilliant Blogging Tips & Tricks for Newbie Bloggers

Pay attention to your foundation

Everyone wants to be a successful blogger, but how could they do that if they don’t know what being a blogger is all about? If you spend your initial few months of blogging honing the basic skills of writing, SEO, and social media marketing, then these skills will work as a foundation for your success when you grow.

2. Be Honest

For example, if you say to yourself that you will wake up in the morning when your alarm sounds, then do that. There will be no more 5 minutes or 10 minutes of extra sleep. If you say that you will get something done, you need to get that thing done.

3. Stay focused and dedicated.

Stay focused and dedicated

4. Write daily:

Writing is a habit and more you write, better writer you will become. Also Google loves fresh content. It’s always a good idea to keep your blog updated. If you have busy schedule, you should use post scheduling feature or at-least maintain a post frequency. Some time, it’s hard to maintain a post frequency, in such cases you can hire a content writer or hire full-time writer to do this job for you.

5. Create niche based websites:

One of the most common mistakes which we make when we start blogging is we try to cover from different niche. When I started ShoutMeLoud, I tried covering Tech stuff, Blogging and World news stuff, which was not a good idea.

Now, since we are covering article related to How to blog, it’s bounce rate is going down and page views are increasing. Having a niche based blog helps to get targeted subscribers. Here are a few articles which you should read:

6. Avoid Grammar mistakes :

No matter, for what reason you are writing, but you can’t afford to make grammatical mistakes. It gives a bad user experience and also bad for onsite SEO. Eve search engine considers readability and grammar as one of many signals for search engine ranking. If you are from one such country where English is not the first language, you can start practising and learn English.

7. Don’t be scared to link out:

When I was a newbie blogger, I don’t use to link out to other websites where I have taken reference for. I used to think my blog bounce rate will increase and readers will move to other blog. This is not true, as adding links will increase the trust factor of your post and moreover helps in SEO. If you are worried about bounce rate, I suggest you make external links open in a new tab.

8. Don’t copy the content:

When we start blogging, we tend to follow other blogs and sometimes copy or completely rewriter posts from other blogs. Do remember, none of your action will get un-noticed. So instead of copying somebody else work, create something of your own.

9. Test your blog in different browsers:

Firefox, Chrome, Opera, iPhone safari are some of the most common browsers and how can you expect to miss out any of this browser. Make sure your blog loads properly on every browser and your design CSS is compatible with all the browsers.

10. Do Blogging with Passion and Patience

11. Make a strategy for blogging

With a defined strategy and goal you could accomplish anything in the world. If not, every day you will start with something new and without completing it, you will move to the next thing. This is never ending process and that’s why a lot of bloggers give up.

You may say, this is boring and repetitive, but think again: you are not sacrificing your creativity. You are just creating a process for something that is repeated and doesn’t require creativity. You can further stay creative with the wordings and images that you share while promoting your content.

12. Make a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Gone were the days when search engines were the only source of generating traffic. If you target social media biggies such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, then, you can get a handsome amount of traffic from them.

Sometimes, it can be much more than search engine traffic but keep in mind that it will not come quickly. You will have to interact with people in Social Media in your niche, and you will have to build a valuable relationship with them.

During Writing

During Writing

28. Killer Headline

The most important thing about writing is to find that killer headline and subheading that will bring your reader to your site. The heading is the doorway to your article, and if it gets the attention of the reader, your text becomes a source of knowledge; if not, it’s just some random text.

29. Review

No matter how good your writing skills are, there is a possibility of error. To make sure your readers find your writing fun to read, you need to get someone to review your article before posting it. A review makes a lot of difference.

You should review your writings to see if the message you intend to convey is covered. The best thing to do is to write your stuff and then give some gap before you review it yourself. Get some sleep and re-read your stuff with a fresh mind. There is a high probability that you might find errors in your writing.


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