Vietnamese Culture

My religious identity is Buddhism. In the religion, some of the important rituals include paying homage to the Buddha, performance of Mahayana rituals and celebrating important dates such as holidays and birthdays associated with Buddha. The rituals assist in the formation of a religious identity by interacting with other people of similar faith. In our culture, there are birth, the naming ceremony, marriage, and death. In my life, I have gone through two rites of passage which are birth and naming.
I am yet to get married, which will mark the third rite of passage. I express myself creatively through the composition of poetry. The poetry expresses my feelings towards others and the environment. I also appreciate traditional music and visual arts such as sculptures (Muthukumaraswamy 262). I feel that they communicate and pass details of the culture to the young generations. The art forms show creativity in sculptures and shared values of unity for the culture. Apart from cultural growth, the arts are important in growing talents in the country.
The official language in the country is Vietnamese. The speakers of the language are in all age groups making the language the best in all social situations. However, some ancient groups have their unique languages spoken at their localities. The language communicates the culture in the society. It is the culture to speak in Vietnamese. By speaking the culture, the society appreciates the cultural variation of people in the world. Cultures offer traditional identity of people on the global platform (Wenhua 26).
Through the language, the culture teaches the people to uphold family values such as respect for the elderly and worship of the ancestors. It would be challenging to teach the values in English especially for the elderly in the society who guide the young ones. Losing the language is not a huge concern. Currently, the language is so rooted in the country reducing the chances of any loss. I am also very familiar with the language hence not possible to lose the language. People in my country appreciate cultural aspects such as language hence the passage from one generation to another.

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